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Fat Daddy's Pizza: The Time Has Come!

If you're like the rest us, you've been not so patiently waiting for Fat Daddy's Pizza to open. Maybe you even thought you were imagining it this week when you started to smell the smell of pizza cooking as you walked around downtown? Surely you'd entered some sort of 'in-need-of-pizza' dream state, no?

Jay Kranchalk, owner and operator of Fat Daddy's, making some test pizzas in prep for opening day!

Well, lucky for all of you, you didn't make that up. In fact, Jay Kranchalk, the owner and operator of Fat Daddy's Pizza, has been testing and perfecting his dough and sauce recipes in anticipation of opening day. This means that the wait is rapidly coming to an end! We're talkin' 'we've-only-got two-days-left-til-that-pizza-can-be-ours' level of rapid!

That's right, folks! We are pleased to announce that Fat Daddy's Pizza will officially be open to the public THIS SATURDAY, August 1st, from 11am to 9pm. This follow's their normal, daily hours, so you can come to expect this pizza on the regular. They'll be open for socially distanced dine-in and take out, and will be starting delivery in the coming weeks.

Mmmmh, garlic knots!

We are ecstatic, and can't wait to sample all the different pizza's, sandwiches, and other treats . If you're curious, head on over to their website for more information. They'll be serving their full menu, including fountain sodas (Coke products, with "the good ice!"), and bottled water. Starting next week, they'll also have imported and domestic beers available. Is there anything better than pizza and a beer?

You can also expect a variety of other deals and promotions: a 10% discount for uniformed first responders, a $1 off "logo discount" if you show up in a Fat Daddy's t-shirt or hat, and an incredible lunch special that comes with 2 slices of pizza and one fountain drink for just $4 ($5 all in after tax n tip!).

It's a family affair! Dani (20) and Davis (17), are getting in on the dough. They're learning the art of pizza making and will be working at the store with their dad!

After almost a year and a half in the making, we know that Jay and his family can breathe easy knowing opening day is finally here. They took a big risk, and we're happy to see it paying off.

We have a feeling they'll be here serving the fine town of Burgaw for years to come.

To pizza and new beginnings!

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