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The Old Farm Shed: A Unique & Chic Boutique

“Rusty, funky, and junky” is how Jennifer Matthews, owner and operator of The Old Farm Shed, describes her eclectic mix of wares. The store, which is now located at 111 W Fremont St. in downtown Burgaw, originally occupied a much smaller footprint upon its opening in 2014. Matthews opened The Old Farm Shed to fill what she saw as a gap in the downtown shopping scene, and it looks like her vision was 20/20! Her unique store -- filled to the brim with boutique clothing, eye-catching jewelry, and nifty home decor -- has moved twice since opening. Both times it was to meet the demand of the store’s wide spread popularity by expanding their space and offerings. Heralded as one of the fastest growing businesses in Burgaw, The Old Farm Shed is firmly rooted as a staple of the small town community.

The Old Farm Shed’s popularity is due at least in part to the fierce commitment that Matthews has to her own standards. She works tirelessly to ensure that only the highest quality goods make it across her threshold. In fact, Matthews regularly travels across the United States to source her items, frequenting various fashion and trade shows along the way. Her keen eye is always on the look-out for that next “it” piece, seeing to it that none of her jewelry or clothing are ever mass produced. It’s this attention to detail that keeps her clientele coming back, confident they’ll always find something original at The Old Farm Shed.

Before The Old Farm Shed was born, Matthews honed her eye for design working as the marketing director for M. Dumas & Sons, a high-end clothing store in Charleston, SC. Her love of coastal North Carolina eventually drew her back home (she's originally from Castle Hayne), but this time she settled in Burgaw, NC. Eager to follow their farming dreams, Matthews and her husband purchased 17 acres of land and dove head first into homesteading and raising a family. It was during this time that Matthews became a dynamic member of the Burgaw community, participating in everything from The Chamber of Commerce to the Parks & Recreation Association.

When Matthew's realized Burgaw’s need for a funky lil’ boutique, they sold the farm and focused on the next dream. Thus, The Old Farm Shed was born! Her unique background in both fashion and farming, her love of Burgaw, and the support of her family allowed her to produce something truly unique. We know that all of her (many) repeat customers are sure glad she did.

So, if you haven’t been to The Old Farm Shed yet, stop what you’re doing and head out there today! You’re guaranteed to leave with something you didn’t know you needed, and probably a few other quirky finds. From cowboy boots to cowhide rugs and everything in between, I dare you to try and get out of there empty handed.

Make sure to check out their Facebook, Instagram (@theoldfarmshed), or Website if you wanna know more! If you're already a Farm Shed believer, or take our advice and head out there soon, share some of your favorite finds with us @BurgawNow by tagging us or using the hashtags #BurgawNow & #theoldfarmshed in your posts.

We can't wait to see what you find!

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