Our Story

Burgaw Now was born out of a love for

Burgaw, North Carolina. 


Plain and simple.


Over our years of frequenting the historic downtown district, we noticed something distressing: that more and more businesses were shutting their doors. With all the vibrance and charm that the town had to offer, we simply couldn't figure out why.


But we knew we didn't like it. 

As we've gotten to know a variety of the fascinating residents, business owners, and artists, we've grown more and more convinced that Burgaw is a truly special place, and that we want to see it succeed.

That’s why in 2019 we assembled a team dedicated to promoting the town of Burgaw, and why we are working to bring restaurants and other community-minded businesses back into the downtown area (coming 2020).

We're just getting started, but we're sure happy to be on our way.

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Our Approach

Burgaw Now is committed to the promotion, restoration, and development of Burgaw, North Carolina. We believe in the beauty and potential of the small town, one born from a heritage of deeply rooted trust and shared communal values.


A small town moves differently than a big city, and its' approach to business and commerce needs to move differently, too. That's why we look to examples of small-town success stories, and model our goals and initiatives off of ones that have been proven to work. 


We’re not interested in economic growth for economic growth’s sake, only in growth that makes Burgaw an even better place to live, work, and visit -- for everyone.


From what we can tell, flourishing small towns all have four things in common: streets full of lively businesses, inviting places to eat and be merry, enjoyable and accessible communal spaces, and  a vibrant arts, artist, and maker community.


These four things are at the heart of everything we do here at Burgaw Now, and we're here to let the world know how much Burgaw already has to offer.

We want to work alongside the town of Burgaw, and do our part to aid Burgaw's growth while staying true to Burgaw’s people-centered roots.

Town Promotion


We are telling the world about everything Burgaw has to offer by highlighting local businesses and their owners on our blog and social media sites.

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Downtown Revitalization


Yes, the rumors are true!  Burgaw is getting two new restaurants, coming this January: 


Burgaw Brewing Company


Fat Daddy's Pizza


Check back regularly for updates, and come in and share a meal with us soon!

Our Iniatives